Terms & Conditions

This page states all policies regarding use of website, services and after sales matters. 360wikiwriters.com is associated with WikiMedia Foundation and we completely abide by the rules and policies of Wikipedia in everything we do. When a customer initiate a project with us, he or she accepts all the policies.


We offer a) writing of content (text & graphics), b) editing of content and c) monitoring of content. These services are backed by strong and accepted references and neutrality of tone on Wikipedia. We cannot promote any celebrity or company.


You can ask for revisions as many times as you want. Please note that revisions and changes are made in accordance with the Wikipedia policies.


Once the process is started, full refund cannot be claimed. If we fail to deliver as per our commitment, we will be liable to refund you on an agreed percentage. If we deliver the work late, you can ask for up-to 15% refund depending on the consequences. 100% refund is not allowed under any circumstances.


Delivery means fulfilment of services. Time, mechanism, process and resources are defined at the time of project initiation. Any changes to said factors will result in late delivery. Customers are liable to provide the approval of sample and resources required to complete the project.


All the information and communications are kept confidential. We do not share, disclose or made your project public. We abide by consumer rights laws. We store information in our system for correspondence purpose only. The information includes, but not limited to, your name, email, phone number, ip address, location, documents and project information.


All the payments are scheduled and decided when project is taken on-board. Itemized classification can be requested for each service and time to complete it. Payments can be made in instalments and complete payment can be requested at the time of project initiation.


All changes to this policy are updated here.